Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

I should be full of smiles know that I have a man who will stick by my side through thick and thin but at the moment I'm not. He wants to take me out to dinner tonight and I feel it would just be a waste. I am only going to eat two bites and puke it all up. who wants a girl like that? I wouldn't.
Valentines Day is supposed to be filled with love in the air. Instead I feel like I have been taken over from some demon inside me that won't go away. I can only cry about the way I feel when the kids are not around, I don't want to upset them more than they all already are.  I know that there are other sufferers but not as many as people think and I can not imagine growing old and living this way the rest of my life. There has to be a miracle somewhere.

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