Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Accupuncture and Woes

So today I am going for another treatment. This will be my third one. I was feeling well initially, but this past week was not one of my best weeks. I was very nauseous and threw up a few times. I went back to see my Gastroenterologist and lost an additional 7lbs since my last visit 4 weeks ago. If I keep going at this rate, there will be nothing left of me. I am so frustrated with this whole disorder. I wish I could just shake it out of me and make it go away for good. I guess I should be thankful it's not worse, and I am not bed ridden. Well I am bed ridden half the time. All I do is lay in bed all day long and feel like a truck has just finished running over my stomach. Sometimes the vomiting is so bad, I look like freckle face from all the broken blood popping all over my face. Let's not forget how my family seems to be falling apart around me. How much more of this am I really supposed to take. I am not gonna take it with out a fight. I will fight for myself and I will fight for my family by any means possible. Even in my darkest moments like now I will still fight.

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