Monday, February 7, 2011


I know it has been some time since my last post, but I have had a few ups and downs. I am glad to say mostly ups. My mother has been driving herself crazy thinking that she is going to find a cure for me. She does not seem to understand that that there is no cure, only treatment to relieve the symptoms. She even had me call the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville Florida to see if they could help me, but upon further investigation they didn't know know anymore about Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome than my own primary care physician. Heck, that would have been a real waste of money.
Well one day while I was at the orthopaedic office with my son, my mother asked if they had an acupuncturist. I made an appointment for the following week. Since last week, I have had two treatments, and I am not totally convinced that the acupuncture is making me feel better, but I do feel better. I have only gotten sick twice in the past two weeks, as opposed every other day. Who knows maybe this will work, maybe this is what I needed. Whatever it is, I am willing to try. I might be skeptical, but i am still willing to try alternative methods.


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